Minggu, 31 Juli 2022

NEW II : Kap Lampu TIDELAND MARINE NAVIGATIONAL BUOY LANTERN BEACON ML-155, Lampu Navigasi Maxlumina marine Lantern

Alamat Kami: SUNERGY INDONESIA Kedungwinangun Rt 02 Rw 07 Pedana, 

Kec. Klirong, Kab. Kebumen. Jawa Tengah 54381 Tlp: 0819-31832865, Indonesia 

Untuk Pemesanan/order Silahkan Tlp/sms/WA ke: 0819.318.32865 atau 

email ke: indosunergy@yahoo.com atau indosunergy@live.com 

approx dims:
ML-155 has a 155 millimeter lens, about 6 inches in diameter.
TOTAL height is just over 19"
of which 7.5" is the gray base with the colored lens being nearly a foot tall. 

Greatest total "width" is at the center where the halves meet:  including the hinge protrusions, about 10".

These Lanterns are New Stock

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