Clio Self Contained Multi Coloured LED Lantern ( Zeni Lite ) Multi Couloured LED Lantern “4 in 1”.

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Clio Self Contained Multi Coloured LED Lantern

Clio is a Zeni Lite' s fully integrated multi coloured , self contained portable lighting unit, designed for
minimal maintenance. Innovation at it's very best!! Multi Couloured LED Lantern “4 in 1”.




Multi Coloured LED Lantern 

Clio incorporat es 4 colours"colours"( Green, Yellow and White) within the same self contained LED lantern permitting users to 'field select' the appropriate colour to their operations Ranges in excess of 6 nautical miles T= 0 74

This innovative feature, unique to Zeni Lite is the first lantern of this design in the maritime indu s try Zeni Lite 's vast experience in using LED for marine lantern a pplication s together with the latest advancement in LED technology enabled the development of the " self contained LED lantern.


• Multi coloured , l lantern incorporating 4 colours , field selectable
• Easy to relocate from port hand to starboard, cardinal to special
• Save time and money to buy another colour LED lantern
• Fewer spare parts and smaller warehouse
• Reduced inventory, reducing operational cost
• Easy to change flash character and intensity by application for smartphones (Bluetooth
communication correspondence)
• Light weight, portable & easy to install




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